Kumano-jinja Shrine



下部温泉駅より1.5km 車で 3分 Googleマップ

During the reign of Emperor Ninmyo, Lord Fujiwara Masanobu, the lord of Kai Province, received medical treatment at this hot spring due to an illness. It is said that he had it built based on a revelation he received from the incarnation of Kumano who appeared in his dream one night, saying “Worship me on this mountain.” It is the stage used for Kagura in May every year.


  1. ミズエ 美容室

  2. 道の駅しもべ  下部農村文化公園

  3. みのぶ自然の里

  4. やまめ床

  5. 木喰の里微笑館

  6. 富士川クラフトパーク

  7. 身延山久遠寺

  8. 門西家住宅

  9. みのぶ ゆばの里